She's Out of Control

by Kristin Billerbeck

What a Girl Wants was recently optioned as a film to Grammy-winning recording artist Rebecca St. James, who is poised to produce and star in the leading role.

She got it all together in What a Girl Wants, but now Ashley Stockingdale is having trouble knowing where to put it!

Having discovered rats in her luxury apartment, Ashley Stockingdale is living with her friend Kay, a.k.a. Martha Stewart But With Scruples.

Soon Kay wants Ashley to buy out half the house so they can remodel it in style. With no hint of a proposal on the horizon from her commitment-phobe boyfriend, Ashley goes on an independent-woman streak. She sinks her savings into the deal. As Seth squirms, wondering if the investment into Kay's house indicates Ashley doesn't see a future with him, the nightmare of remodeling begins.

Meanwhile - in lieu of a diamond? - Seth gives Ashley a darling if ill-advised gift: a puppy! More than a trendy accessory, this puppy requires nearly constant attention and more food than a family of four. He's out-growing his pink collars faster than you can say Diva Dog! The mayhem is escalating, but like everything else, Ashley knows she can handle it, or can she?

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