The Summer Wind: Thomas Capano and the Murder of Anne Marie Fahey

by George Anastasia

New York Times Bestseller

He was a charismatic - and married - prosecutor.

Tom Capano was a golden boy, one of the richest and most influential men in Delaware state politics. Anne Marie Fahey was a pretty, vivacious-and also needy and anorexic-young secretary to the governor. For two years, she was the perfect foil for Capano's obsessive manipulation, until she finally broke it off - and he killed her.

She was his charming yet insecure mistress.

In this riveting, meticulously researched story, award-winning crime reporter george Anastasia recreates the Capano-Fahey affair, the murder, and its aftermath. Through their own intimate words taken from Fahey's diaries and the couple's e-mail correspondence, The Summer Wind brings to life their bizarre relatonship, from the first flirtation to the final cold-blooded act of arrogance when Capano dumped an ice chest containing Anne Marie's lifeless body into the Atlantic Ocean.

She thought his charm was to die for.

Anastasia also follows the story into the courtroom and behind prison walls as Capano struggled to save himself, and into the minds of the men and women who united in a brilliant campaign to bring a killer to justice, including a joint state-federal sting operation that helped bring Capano down.

She was right.