Careful of the Company You Keep

by Angie Daniels

From the acclaimed author of Trouble Loves Company comes a sexy and heartfelt new novel that revisits Renee, Danielle and Kayla, who have since found themselves in a whole new tangle of trouble.

After finding her husband in a compromising position, romance author Renee Moore goes back to her hometown, hoping to start over. But once again, she finds herself looking for love in all the wrong places. To make matters worse, just as she decides a healthy relationship may not be her destiny, her ex delivers shocking news that could change her life forever.

Practical nurse Danielle Brooks’ professional life is picture perfect, but her personal life is a mess. Her daughter is about to give birth to a baby believed to have been fathered by Danielle’s ex. Meanwhile, their best friend is getting married, and she is counting on Renee and Danielle to help her plan the wedding - whether they are speaking to each other or not. When Renee is suddenly threatened by a mystery woman, the trio begin to see how they might be blessed in the face of all of their difficulties.