Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion

by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King

L.A. Times Notable

Authoritative, eye-popping, and massive, Art of Modern Rock is the first and last word on contemporary concert posters. An art form that has grown hand-in-hand with the independent music scene, the posters have emerged from visually creative street-level notices to prized collectibles rendered in a variety of styles and media. It features more than 1,600 exemplary rock posters and flyers from over 200 international studios and artists. Additionally, profiles and quotes from the pioneers in the field and their emerging heirs share nearly 500 gloriously packed pages of poster after mind-blowing poster. Art of Modern Rock is the long-anticipated sequel to co-author Paul Grushkin's The Art of Rock. As brash and colorful as the burgeoning scene it documents, Art of Modern Rock is the must-have book for music and poster fans and collectors.

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