Double Deal: The Inside Story of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, and the Cop who was a Mobster

by Michael Corbitt and Sam Giancana

New York Times Bestseller

A true story of murder, unbridled corruption, and the cop who was a mobster.

Michael Corbitt - along with Sam Giancana, the godson and namesake of the former Chicago mob boss - tells the gritty often gruesome, personal account of how he slipped between the deadly, conflicting worlds of cop and mobster with terrifying, almost schizophrenic ease. Among the astonishing, news-making revelations:

* The man who called for Sam Giancana's murder - and who carried it out.
* The new "clean" Las Vegas and its dirty secrets. An eyewitness account of the millions still being skimmed by organized crime from major casinos.
* The Mob's involvement in Central and South America, the Phillipines, Israel and the Middle East, and its ties to covert CIA activities around the world.

Michael Corbitt was a highly decorated officer while on the Mob's payroll. After serving more than 11 years in prison and refusing to testify against organized crime figures, he began working undercover to help the FBI investigate organized crime. Sam Giancana is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Double Cross.