The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies

by Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger

Guys love movies, especially movies about sports - where every couch potato identifies with the gritty underdog struggling against the odds and every game comes down to the final, climactic moment.

Sports movies are more resonant than the actual games. Not one in 10 fans can honestly recall who won the NCAA men's basketball tournament three years ago, but every red-blooded man can tell you that Hickory High, coached by Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) captured the 1954 Indiana State High School title in Hoosiers. And still, Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger would argue that the great sports movies have never been given their due respect and recognition.

The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies will serve as a viewer's roadmap, a fact-filled encyclopedia and a just-plain-fun read that's ideal for the TV room, the coffee table or even the john. Chronicling the 100 best sports movies ever made in a countdown looking at cast, plot and merit, this book is stacked with enough trivia to win any bar bet.

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