Bounce, Don't Break

by Brande Roderick

Bounce, Don’t Break has something for every age - from the young woman unsure of what lies ahead to the seasoned businesswoman who is looking to sharpen her game. Brande takes the reader in hand and guides her through eight steps to success that assess self-reliance and self-esteem; help the reader identify personal and professional goals and determine whether she is working hard enough for them; break down financial advice; offer guidance on finding love (coupled with some of her past dating adventures); and reveal that personal resilience is the key to success in business and in life.

Packed with fun and informative quizzes to help the reader to assess where she is in her own journey, useful sidebars with tips and tricks Brande has picked up along the way, as well as personal anecdotes illustrated with more than 40 photographs, this inspirational book shows that with resilience, hard work, and clear, defined goals, any woman can be successful like Brande.

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