Bouncing Back from Pregnancy: The Body by God Plan for Getting Your Body and Life Back After Baby Arrives

by Dr. Sheri Lerner

Bouncing Back from Pregnancy tailors the maximized living strategies presented in the New York Times bestseller Body by God to the specific needs of new mothers.

Ten pounds. Thirty pounds. Maybe even seventy-five pounds. Pregnancy can take its toll on an otherwise healthy body, even after your little angel has arrived. Popular “diets” can shed the pounds, but they can also interfere with breastfeeding as well as your own nutritional needs at this important time. Body by God gave readers a comprehensive strategy for following God’s plan in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and time and stress management. Bouncing Back from Pregnancy applies those same proven principles to the unique needs of women who have just given birth. Topics include aerobic and resistance exercise for new moms and coping strategies for the distinctive stress faced by mothers of young children. In addition, there is a bonus section featuring a fitness plan for women to follow during pregnancy.

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