Hollywood's Most Wanted

by Floyd Conner

Warren Beatty's first job was as a rat catcher in a Washington, D.C. theater. When Jack Nicholson first arrived in Hollywood, he sorted fan mail for the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. Alan Ladd was discovered operating a hotdog stand outside a studio. George Hamilton used to throw away his socks after wearing them only once. Tough guy Charles Bronson was so poor as a kid that he wore his sister's hand-me-down dresses. Judy Garland was turned down for a role in the "Our Gang" comedies. Ronald Reagan rejected the role of Rick in Casablanca, later made famous by Humphrey Bogart.

The history of Hollywood is filled with the strange, the bizarre and the unbelievable. The 70 lists in Hollywood's Most Wanted describe in amusing detail Hollywood's top 10 worst movies, most dreadful performances, biggest bombs, funniest real names, sexiest blonde bombshells, most intriguing mysteries, most audacious publicity stunts, oddest couples, most inauspicious debuts, weirdest pre-acting jobs, most scandalous behavior, strangest deaths and more.