Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of How We Die

by Michael Largo

We’re all going to die - it’s in the contract - but how will it happen? Today, although we live longer, people are killed by everything, including some outrageous causes as bad words, bingo, bloodletting, flying cows, frozen toilets, eating hair, hiccups, laughing, spontaneous combustion, and toupees! According to death certificates, there are more than 3, 000 ways to die. In the eye-opening and addictive Final Exits, the ways we die - bizarre and common - are alphabetically arranged and include actual accounts of people both famous and ordinary.

Thoroughly researched, with uncanny historical detail covering burial customs, famous last words, and more than 400 medical and historical illustrations from throughout the ages, Final Exits is more than just a trivia book. It is a portrait in words and numbers of human fate.