Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis was born in North Carolina in 1944. He grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and attended the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his doctorate in biochemistry in 1973 from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1993, Dr. Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize and the Japan Prize for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). His autobiography, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field (Vintage), was a New York Times Notable Book in 1998.

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Dancing Naked In The Mind Field

by Kary Mullis

New York Times Notable Book

In Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, Mullis writes with passion and humor about a wide range of subjects: from poisonous spiders to the HIV virus and AIDS, from global warming to astrology, from the O.J. Simpson trial to how you can turn a light bulb on with your mind. A multi-dimensional playland of ideas, this book challenges us to questions the authority of scientific dogma even as it reveals the workings of an uncannily original scientific mind.

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