Chuck Giancana

Chuck Giancana is the brother of the late crime boss Sam "Momo" Giancana. He and his son, Sam, co-authored the international bestseller, Double Cross (Warner Books).

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Double Cross

by Sam Giancana and Chuck Giancana

New York Times Bestseller translated into 14 languages

From the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to the JFK Assassination, he ruled the mob… and terrorized a nation.

He began as a hitman for Al Capone in the Roaring Twenties. He rose to undisputed Godfather of the entire Mafia west of the Mississippi. Now, for the first time, the two men who knew him best - his brother and his godson - tell the astonishing story of Sam Giancana, the all-powerful don who opened up Las Vegas and bankrolled many of Hollywood's brightest stars… who befriended celebrities and enjoyed a personal harem of starlets… who forged an unholy alliance with the CIA and had links to seven U.S. presidents… and most shocking of all, who ordered the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe… deaths that have remained unsolved… until now.

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