Alana Stewart

Alana Stewart is an actress and former model who has been working in Hollywood for almost forty years. Stewart has shared her personal diaries from her three years by her best friend Farrah Fawcett’s side during the TV starlet’s battle with cancer. Published by William Morrow, My Journey with Farrah: A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship celebrates their bond, the power of Farrah’s spirit, and memories from the two friends’ thirty years together. It was an immediate New York Times bestseller. In addition, Stewart’s documentary titled Farrah’s Story was nominated for an Emmy.

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My Journey with Farrah: A Story of Life, Love and Friendship

by Alana Stewart with Sheryl Berk

New York Times Bestseller

Alana Stewart offers the poignant story of her lifelong relationship with her best friend, Farrah Fawcett - and of Farrah’s amazing courage during the former Charlie’s Angels star’s heartbreaking battle with cancer. Telling the story of their friendship through Alana’s personal diary entries from the last three years, Alana shares her thoughts on the journey that she and Farrah embarked upon as they battled Farrah’s illness to the end. A beautiful celebration of life and love, of an amazing woman and an amazing friendship, My Journey with Farrah is a Hollywood true story unlike any other, and an unforgettable journey every reader will want to share.

Alana Stewart and Farrah Fawcett went through it all together. Friends for thirty years, they were an essential part of each other's lives since first meeting at a dinner party in the 1970s. But in the fall of 2006, a test of their friendship arose unlike any other they'd faced: Farrah was diagnosed with aggressive rectal cancer. She was determined to fight, and Alana was determined to help her. Together, they were relentless in their pursuit of a cure, traveling halfway around the world as they sought every mainstream, alternative, and experimental therapy available.

Now, in these intimate and personal diaries, Alana shares her thoughts on the events of the last three years, documenting the journey she and Farrah embarked on as they prayed for a miracle..

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