The Poison Patriarchby Mark Shaw

A fascinating and unique account of what happened in Dallas in 1963. Mark Shaw really nails it down regarding who was responsible for the assassinations and why.” —Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wise Guys and Casino

Focusing for the first time on why attorney general Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t killed in 1963 instead of on why President John F. Kennedy was, Mark Shaw offers a stunning and provocative assassination theory that leads directly to the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy. Mining fresh information and more than forty new interviews, Shaw weaves a spellbinding narrative involving Mafia don Carlos Marcello; Jack Ruby (Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer); Ruby’s attorney, Melvin Belli; and, ultimately, the Kennedy brothers and their father.

Shaw addresses these tantalizing questions: Why, shortly after his brother’s death, did a grief-stricken RFK tell a colleague, “I thought they would get one of us . . . I thought it would be me”? Why was Belli, an attorney with almost no defense experience (but proven ties to the Mafia), chosen as Jack Ruby’s attorney? How does Belli’s Mafia connection call into question his legal strategy, which ultimately led to the Ruby’s first-degree murder conviction and death sentence? What was Joseph Kennedy’s relationship to organized crime? And how was his insistence that JFK appoint RFK as attorney general tantamount to signing the president’s death warrant?

For fifty years, Shaw maintains, researchers investigating the president’s murder in Dallas have been looking at the wrong motives and actors. The Poison Patriarch offers a shocking reassessment—one that is sure to alter the course of future assassination debates.

by Charles Brandt

New York Times Bestseller

I Heard You Paint Houses is based on former prosecutor and Delaware's Chief Deputy Attorney Charles Brandt's one-to-one interviews with Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran, a mafia hitman who worked for crime boss Russell Bufalino. One of the only two non-Italians on the FBI's La Cosa Nostra list, Sheeran led a violent life and he tells for the first time what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa in Detroit in July 1975. To "paint a house" means to kill a man, and in I Heard You Paint Houses, Sheeran makes a deathbed confession to having been the man who killed Hoffa. This fascinating look at the dark side of American crime history, was a four-part Fox News special report that coincided with the book's publication.

by Lin DeVecchio and Charles Brandt

For more than 15 years, Lin DeVecchio maintained a relationship with a top echelon informant in the upper ranks of four out of five of the New York Mafia families. At his peak DeVecchio maintained 40 percent of all the FBI's top echelon informants in the nation. He also served as supervisor of the Mafia Commission Case for Rudy Giuliani. So when his life's work came into question, and the very system he protected for 33 years betrayed him, Lin's response was brave indeed. He proceeded to allow unlimited access to his complete legal file, including every scrap of paper from investigations in order to demonstrate the gravity of the D.A.'s devastating mistake.

The national news of Lin's trial ended on November 1, 2007, with one of the most dramatic courtroom scenes in the history of American law. But Lin never got a chance to publicly defend himself against the charges and tell his saga. In We're Going to Win This Thing, Lin DeVecchio and his co-writer Charles Brandt, who sat through every moment of the hearings, offer access to accounts from every FBI agent who worked with DeVecchio, the DA's reports, trial transcripts, and a true account of DeVecchio's life inside the world of organized crime.

by Salvatore “Bill” Bonanno with Gary B. Abromovitz

“What I am about to share with you has never been told by anyone who actually attended the Commission meetings….A story that I authorized to be published only after my death.” —Bill Bonanno

Born into a powerful mob family and married into another, Salvatore “Bill” Bonanno was privy to a private world that existed just outside the law for decades in America—a world ruled by the tenets of loyalty, secrecy, brotherhood, and survival at any cost: the Mafia.

The son of Joe Bonanno—the Godfather-like head, or Rappresentante, of one of the original five crime families—Bill Bonanno came of age in the Golden Age of the Mafia. As the family’s trusted Consigliere, he witnessed the unspeakable. He participated in cloistered acts of initiation. He spoke the language of violence and hierarchy, Sicilian history and familial ties that bind until death. He knew the untold secrets of the Commission meetings—where they were held, who attended, what security was required, how business was conducted, and what issues were discussed-secrets that could never be revealed…until now.

In his waning years Bill realized that these secrets, the details, stories, and images—which he had meticulously kept from his own memoir Bound by Honor as well as Gay Talese’s acclaimed chronicle of the Bonanno family, Honor Thy Father—would disappear with his passing. So with the help of author Gary Abromovitz, Bill composed a true last testament, a comprehensive opus that would finally unburden him of years of hidden truths—a project that can only now be published after Bill’s death.

The Last Testament of Bill Bonanno begins with an outline of the real history of the Mafia and its evolution from a secret outlaw group of Sicilians in the 1200s. It then pulls back the blinds on the secret Commission meetings of the 1930s-1960s and reveals the highly confidential, and often misunderstood, details of the day-to-day life of the syndicate. Told from the inside—and complete with photographs of never-before-seen rituals and ceremonies—The Last Testament of Bill Bonanno is the ultimate insider’s final attempt to lay bare the truth of the Mafia on paper, for all to see

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by Kathy Burke with Neal Hirschfeld

Detective has been optioned by Sony Television and Larkin-Goldstein Productions, and is currently in development with Sony Pictures.

Detective is the story of undercover cop Kathy Burke’s career. During her 23-year career on the New York City police force, Burke would become the most highly decorated female detective in the 160-year history of the department. Her success didn’t come without struggle from both criminals and from the members of her own department. Despite harassment from superior officers and her fellow cops, Burke was eventually assigned to working undercover as a member of the elite Major Case Squad, the squad that investigates the highest-profile cases in New York City.

Kathy Burke survived one of the worst traumas that can happen to a police officer - the shooting death of a partner while they were working on a case and then being the subject of false rumors blaming her for it. After recovering from her own injuries, Burke goes on to become a counselor with the New York City Police Department Self-Support Group - an organization for police officers who have been shot, stabbed, maimed or otherwise injured in the line of duty, and which played an important role in “debriefing” Ground Zero cops who didn’t know they even needed an outlet in order to heal.

by Joe Pistone with Charles Brandt

When FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone began what was supposed to be a six-month operation infiltrating New York’s Bonanno crime family in 1975, he had no idea what was about to happen. Posing as jewel thief "Donnie Brasco,” Pistone would spend the next six years undercover in the Family, witnessing - and sometimes participating in - the Mafia’s gruesome activities while gathering enough evidence to send over 200 gangsters to jail. Pistone told his story in the 1988 book Donnie Brasco - a New York Times bestseller and later a feature film starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. But because of pending trials at the time of publication, many details of the alleged crimes were omitted.

Now, in Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business, Pistone for the first time reveals with great detail the horrific deeds of wiseguys Tony Mirra, Lefty Ruggiero, Sonny Black, and the rest of the cold-blooded Bonanno crew. He puts the operation into historical perspective, detailing the timeline of mafia trials from 1981 through 2005 that crippled the New York City crime family. He also recounts his experiences after the operation, his time on the Hollywood set with Pacino and Depp, and other undercover operations through present day.

by Joe Pistone

True Stories from the FBI's most famous undercover agent

Here's the first nonfiction work from author Joe Pistone since his New York Times #1 bestseller and hit movie, Donnie Brasco. Perhaps no man alive knows the inner workings of wiseguys better than Pistone does, having spent six years infiltrating the Mafia as an undercover FBI agent. Now, years later, Pistone reassesses what the underworld was really about.

Occasionally poignant, always in shocking detail, The Way of the Wiseguy gives readers a first hand look at the thinking, psychology and customs that make wiseguys a unique breed. The book is divided into anecdotes that reveal key principals of wiseguy life, including "Don't Volunteer You Don't Know Something," "Be a Good Earner," "Look Like You Mean Business," "It's Your Best Friend Who Will Kill You," and much more. The stories - more than 80 of them - are spellbinding, and the insights into this lawless realm of badguys are often uncannily relevant to the workings of the legitimate world of big business and everyday social discourses.

The Way of the Wiseguy has now taken to the stage. Directed by Academy Award-winner Bobby Moresco, The Way of the Wiseguy premiered in February, 2006, at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts. Please click here to read more about this hilarious play, its performers and showtimes.

by Lyn Riddle

Family Blood is the disturbing true story of James D. "Jimmy" Robertson, who brutally slaughtered his own parents in their North Carolina home in 1997.

by Dr. Christopher J. Kurtz with Robert D. Hunter

What drives a man to kill a person, and another, and then another, until he can no longer stop?

Pulitzer Prize nominee Dr. Christopher J. Kurtz and co-author Robert D. Hunter may have the answer to this question. Over several years, they have corresponded with a number of convicted killers who have told of their compulsion to commit serial homicide. Their unique insights into the lives of these deranged individuals have allowed them to explore in disturbing detail the homicidal manifestations of a number of mental afflictions, including fantasy addiction and narcissistic personality disorder. Their conclusions make for frightening reading, but Kurtz and Hunter argue that we must delve into this twisted world of the evil and irrational if we are ever to understand the serial killer and his motivations.

by George Anastasia

New York Times Bestseller

He was a charismatic - and married - prosecutor.

Tom Capano was a golden boy, one of the richest and most influential men in Delaware state politics. Anne Marie Fahey was a pretty, vivacious-and also needy and anorexic-young secretary to the governor. For two years, she was the perfect foil for Capano's obsessive manipulation, until she finally broke it off - and he killed her.

She was his charming yet insecure mistress.

In this riveting, meticulously researched story, award-winning crime reporter george Anastasia recreates the Capano-Fahey affair, the murder, and its aftermath. Through their own intimate words taken from Fahey's diaries and the couple's e-mail correspondence, The Summer Wind brings to life their bizarre relatonship, from the first flirtation to the final cold-blooded act of arrogance when Capano dumped an ice chest containing Anne Marie's lifeless body into the Atlantic Ocean.

She thought his charm was to die for.

Anastasia also follows the story into the courtroom and behind prison walls as Capano struggled to save himself, and into the minds of the men and women who united in a brilliant campaign to bring a killer to justice, including a joint state-federal sting operation that helped bring Capano down.

She was right.

by George Anastasia

Here is the critically acclaimed inside story, now in an expanded edition, about the rise and fall of Philadelphia's notorious Scarfo organization. Blunt and unsparing, it is a first-hand account of murder, money, and corruption told by wiseguy-turned-witness Nick Caramandi, whose testimony put Nicky Scarfo and many of his associates behind bars for the rest of their lives. A prime target for hit men to this day, Caramandi continues to survive only through the government's Witness Protection Program. In this updated edition of Blood and Honor, author George Anastasia picks up the story where he left off, filling us in on the fates of all the characters -- major and minor -- in recent years.

by George Anastasia

George Anastasia exposes what it really means to be married to the mob — and fathered by it. As revealed in their harrowing personal accounts, life for the wife and sons of Thomas "Tommy Del" DelGiorno became a descent into hell. When Maryann Welch ignored misgivings on her wedding day and plunged into marriage with the small-time gangster, she could not have foreseen how swiftly his greed and bloodlust would propel him to the highest ranks of the South Philadelphia Mafia.

by William J. Buchanan

Execution Eve has been optioned by Fun Bunch Inc. to be produced as a feature film.

In a story reminiscent of Dead Man Walking, the brutal murder of professional golf star Marion Miley and her mother enraged the nation. People were finally quieted when three men were arrested, tried and convicted. But on the night of their scheduled execution, the warden, "hang 'em high" lawman Jesse Buchanan is unsure of one prisoner's guilt. His actions would change his life forever and alter the course of capital punishment in America.

by Sam Giancana and Scott M. Burnstein

Facing a court-ordered blood test matching his blood to that at the crime scene, as well as a murder contract placed on his head by the mob, Nick Calabrese has turned government witness and spilled the beans on a series of gangland homicides.  One of these murders is the infamous double execution of Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and his younger brother, Michael.  Until now, this has been one of the most notoriously unsolved gangland assassinations in U.S. history.  

Sam Giancana, the godson and nephew of Mafia Godfather, Sam “Momo” Giancana, along with investigative crime journalist, Scott M. Burnstein, have delved into the mysterious inner world of the deadly Chicago mafia.  Following a federal racketeering indictment, an enormous governmental legal effort titled, "Operation Family Secrets" charged 14 defendants, several of who are members of the current Chicago crime family administration, with 18 previously unsolved gangland homicides.  Family Affair - Treachery, Greed, & Betrayal in the Chicago Mafia provides scintillating details about the ferocious gangsters who rule the Midwest.

by Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter

New York Times Bestseller

In this astonishing book, veteran LAPD detectives Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter - the leaders of the investigation into the Brown/Goldman double murder - fully chronicle the police case that brought O.J. Simpson to trial. Here for the first time are the plain facts of this sensational case, recounted in the kind of riveting detail only the detectives on the scene could deliver. And this is also the disturbing story of how solid, professional police work became evidence dismissed.

by Michael Corbitt and Sam Giancana

New York Times Bestseller

A true story of murder, unbridled corruption, and the cop who was a mobster.

Michael Corbitt - along with Sam Giancana, the godson and namesake of the former Chicago mob boss - tells the gritty often gruesome, personal account of how he slipped between the deadly, conflicting worlds of cop and mobster with terrifying, almost schizophrenic ease. Among the astonishing, news-making revelations:

* The man who called for Sam Giancana's murder - and who carried it out.
* The new "clean" Las Vegas and its dirty secrets. An eyewitness account of the millions still being skimmed by organized crime from major casinos.
* The Mob's involvement in Central and South America, the Phillipines, Israel and the Middle East, and its ties to covert CIA activities around the world.

Michael Corbitt was a highly decorated officer while on the Mob's payroll. After serving more than 11 years in prison and refusing to testify against organized crime figures, he began working undercover to help the FBI investigate organized crime. Sam Giancana is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Double Cross.

by Lyn Riddle

Lyn Riddle returns with an astounding new true story of the only woman on Georgia’s Death Row.  Gulf War Veteran Doug Gissendaner was known for his generosity and consideration, but in First We’ll Kill My Husband, Lyn tells how his own wife plotted his demise.  From the hold Kelly had over a good and decent man to her controversial trial, Riddle captures the manipulations of a woman bent on murder.

by F. Lee Bailey and Jean Rabe

F. Lee Bailey takes the stand with Jean Rabe in When the Husband Is the Suspect. Based on his phenomenally successful career as one of America's legendary trial lawyers, F. Lee Bailey explores the recent spate of spousal homicides which have grabbed the public interest with names such as Sam Shepherd, Scott Peterson and Michael Schiavo garnering national attention.

Bailey, the bestselling author of The Defense Never Rests, reveals his behind-the-scenes insights into some of America's most legendary courtroom battles, including the trials of Sam Shepherd and O.J. Simpson.

by Roger L. Depue with Susan Schindehette

New York Times Bestseller

The FBI's former top serial killer hunter shares his unique perspective as both a lawman and a member of the clergy counseling convicts, revealing the dangerously thin line between good and evil.

Roger L. Depue spent decades tracking down America's most depraved criminals. First as a small town police chief, then as a S.W.A.T. team member, and ultimately as head of the FBI's famed Behavioral Sciences Unit - the unit responsible for profiling and hunting serial killers where he pioneered revolutionary law enforcement programs and techniques that remain in use today by the FBI and police departments across the globe. In his quest to comprehend the true nature of good and evil, Depue embarked on a mid-career spiritual sabbatical to become a Brother of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, counseling maximum-security inmates. With his combined experiences as both a law enforcement professional and a member of the clergy, Depue explores the criminal mind and soul as no one has ever done before.

by Rod Englert

America’s fascination with CSI and detective work is well-documented and present in all forms of media, yet the public seldom gains access to the methodology used. In Blood Secrets: Chronicles of a Crime Scene Reconstructionist, blood-spatter guru Rod Englert will introduce the reader to what the experts zero in on - and sometimes miss - at a crime scene.

Part autobiography, part casebook, Blood Secrets will offer up what Rod has learned about blood along the way, his field tests and experiments, and the crucial keys to deciphering the secret language of bloodshed. Award-winning writer and reporter Kathy Passero helps to capture Englert’s voice in Blood Secrets, a thrilling ride through the most fascinating cases in a lifetime of reconstruction work.

by Cilla McCain

Upon returning to the United States after surviving one of the Iraq War’s bloodiest battles, Army Specialist Richard T. Davis was reported AWOL. But Richard was not AWOL; he was dead. On July 14, 2003, within hours of his return to Fort Benning, he was mercilessly tortured and murdered. Four members of his own platoon were arrested for the crime. In Murder in Baker Company, Cilla McCain retraces the events of the case, providing a disturbing, eye-opening look at the problems within today’s military. Not only an exploration of a heinous murder, the book is also a warning and a call to action for U.S. citizens.