by Andy Strasberg

Baseball Fantography is a celebration of baseball through the eyes of fans via photos they’ve taken of players, ballparks, and related subjects over the past nine decades, along with essays, sidebars, and quotes. The project originated when the author discovered an old 1960s snapshot of himself as a teenager with his idol, Roger Maris, at Yankee Stadium. Realizing that he couldn’t be the only one with these hidden photographic gems, he began collecting baseball photos taken by fans. The book contains more than 250 never-before-published images (Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Josh Hamilton) in chapters on subjects like ballparks, spring training, broadcasters, dugouts, and baseball cards, and features contributions from baseball aficionados and notables like Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith, a 35-year veteran Topps baseball photographer, and a former president of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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by Micky Ward with Joe Layden

With the success of the critically-acclaimed, Academy Award-winning film The Fighter, the world stood up and cheered for the inspiring true story of Micky Ward—a hard-hitting, hard-headed boxer who overcame the odds to make history in the ring. But that was only part of the tale.

Now, in his own words, “Irish” Micky Ward tells his life story as only he can. From the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts, to the international fight game, to the bright lights and adulation of Hollywood, this is the inspiring, moving, tragic, and humorous story of a living legend.

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by Joe Layden

February 11, 1990 was the day that changed boxing. In August of 1986, the barely 20-year old Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Four years later, he was still undefeated, a vicious puncher with stunning technical acumen and an almost animalistic taste for blood. He seemed worthy of comparisons with Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Sonny Liston. But on that fateful day in February, James “Buster” Douglas took Tyson down to become the heavyweight champion of the world. It was the greatest upset in the history of boxing. In The Last Great Fight: Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas and the Day That Changed Boxing, Joe Layden tells the whole story behind the fighters, their careers, their personal lives, and the fight that clashed them together.

by Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger

Guys love movies, especially movies about sports - where every couch potato identifies with the gritty underdog struggling against the odds and every game comes down to the final, climactic moment.

Sports movies are more resonant than the actual games. Not one in 10 fans can honestly recall who won the NCAA men's basketball tournament three years ago, but every red-blooded man can tell you that Hickory High, coached by Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) captured the 1954 Indiana State High School title in Hoosiers. And still, Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger would argue that the great sports movies have never been given their due respect and recognition.

The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies will serve as a viewer's roadmap, a fact-filled encyclopedia and a just-plain-fun read that's ideal for the TV room, the coffee table or even the john. Chronicling the 100 best sports movies ever made in a countdown looking at cast, plot and merit, this book is stacked with enough trivia to win any bar bet.

by Robert Tuchman

Obtaining tickets to the world’s most exciting sports events can be daunting, nevermind planning the trip. In The 100 Sporting Events Every Fan Must See Live, Robert Tuchman offers an insider’s guide to the best hospitality, restaurants, and venues for tickets to optimize the experience of the most coveted competitions of each season.

Adding historical context to each sporting event, including profiles of hotels dating back to the 1800s, Robert Tuchman’s approach melds that of a gift book and travel guide. After years of research and travel to thousands of events, Tuchman has compiled the definitive list of must-see events, including both major spectacles like the World Cup and lesser known matches, such as the yearly Duke vs. UNC college basketball game. To better enable fans to enjoy the world’s best events in luxury and without added fuss, Tuchman’s guide offers advice on procuring VIP seating, travel packages, and more, which is invaluable even to those who typically attend.

Game Overby Bill Moushey & Robert Dvorchik

The shocking details chronicling how a beloved coach and esteemed university became enmeshed in one of the worst scandals in U.S. sports history

It's a scandal that began in a place called Happy Valley. But it's not as happy as it once was, as the child-sex-abuse charges against a longtime coach and the conspiracy of silence surrounding the allegations have rocked America and Division 1 college sports.

The shocking stories started to pour out after the November 6, 2011, arrest of Jerry Sandusky, a former coach under the Penn State football legend Joe Paterno. Sandusky had been Paterno's top lieutenant for thirty-two years. He was also the founder of a charity, The Second Mile, that devoted itself to helping disadvantaged youth. It turns out Paterno was told about an incident involving an underage boy showering with Sandusky in the football locker room, but reported the incident to school officials rather than the police.

The numerous boys in Sandusky's program who have come forward told a grand jury lurid stories of a sexual predator who stalked and abused them, sometimes even in the showers of Penn State's football complex. In Game Over, journalists Bill Moushey and Bob Dvorchak investigate claims of a startling cover-up within the Penn State hierarchy that attempted to protect its football legacy, quite possibly at the expense of disenfranchised children.

Game Over is filled with the shocking details of how a culture built around one deified coach with a glorious vision to have "success with honor" fails to act in the best interests of the most vulnerable. University president Graham Spanier has been consumed in this firestorm along with Joe Paterno himself in what spiraled downward into the worst scandal in the history of college sports.

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by Dan Bylsma and Jay Bylsma

What does it take to make it in pro hockey? Los Angeles Kings forward Dan Bylsma and his father, Jay, offer a wealth of inside information for young players. Dan Bylsma shares his experiences rising up through the ranks of amateur and professional hockey while giving advice on issues including becoming a team player, knowing the rules, relating to coaches and teammates, and working hard.

by Dick Butkus

From 1965 to 1973 Dick Butkus was the most revered player in professional football. Although he never played for a championship team, and one can't say he set all kinds of records, no other defender in the entire history of the NFL has so electrified the game. The stories about Butkus are legendary. They make him sound so intense, so ferocious, and for the most part they are frighteningly true. Yet underneath the layers of mythology resides a man who is as thoughtful and emotional as he is intense.

In Butkus: Flesh and Blood, Dick Butkus tells his entire life story, from growing up and getting into trouble in Chicago, to his uncomfortable yet glorious years at the University of Illinois. He reveals what it felt like to be the ninth child of two hardworking Lithuanian parents -- one of whom was born in a Illinois coal mine, the other never fully learned to speak English -- and the camaraderie and contentment he experienced while playing football. He recounts the historic nine seasons with the Chicago Bears where he played with and against such immortals as Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Brian Piccolo, Mike Ditka, and Joe Greene.

Dick Butkus looks deeply into his own psyche to find the source of his passionate style of play -- a style that has often been described as violence and intimidation on the football field. With honesty and emotion, he recounts his battles with George "Papa Bear" Halas, the NFL, and the media.

by Terrell Owens

New York Times Bestseller

T.O. by Terrell Owens with Jason Rosenhaus is a no-holds-barred memoir of T.O.'s two year roller coaster ride while starring for the Philadelphia Eagles. This gritty account includes never-before-told stories of his relationship with quarterback Donovan McNabb and team management as well as his David vs. Goliath struggle and triumph against the NFL. The story of T.O.'s journey as one of the NFL's most controversial players is finally accessible from the man who lived it. This truly is a modern day North Dallas Forty. Simon and Schuster published T.O. in to coincide with the start of 2006 training camp for the NFL.

by Tim Rosaforte

New York Times Bestseller

Raising the Bar is the story of how Tiger Woods changed his life, his game and the way America views golf. Many biographies have dealt with Tiger's early days with the PGA Tour, but each ends with his triumph in the 1997 Masters Championship. Tiger's experiences in the last three years, however, could fill a lifetime.

by Bob Feller and Burton Rocks

Find advice, history, and answers galore in Bob Feller's Little Black Book of Baseball Wisdom, written with Burton Rocks. Born in Iowa just after WWI, signed to the Cleveland Indians at age 16 and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, Feller now presents the accumulated lessons and memories from a life of hard work, great success and sincere enjoyment. With much attention devoted to other leading lights of the sport, this loving chronicle will please baseball fans of all ages.

by Larry Bird

New York Times Bestseller

Just as he stunned opponents with over-the-shoulder passes, killer steals, and jaw-dropping long-range jumpers on the court, in Bird Watching Larry Bird offers one startling revelation after another as he candidly recounts his rise to becoming one of the most respected NBA coaches in the game today.

Bird reveals what it was like to start a new coaching career, from his first meeting with Pacers president Donnie Walsh to his first look at his new players. But Bird Watching is more than a book about basketball. Recalling his own painful shyness, battles with the press, and the demands of stardom, Bird also talks about the world he never left behind: drinking a beer at JubilÕs bar in French Lick, doing his own yard work, and remembering the lessons he learned from his hardworking mother.

by Don Larsen Foreword by Yogi Berra

By all accounts, the no-hit, perfect game pitched by New York Yankee right-hander Don Larsen in the 1956 World Series qualifies as a true miracle. No one knows why it happened, or why an unlikely baseball player like Don Larsen was chosen to perform it. In The Perfect Yankee, Larsen and co-author Mark Shaw describe for the first time the facts surrounding one of the most famous games in baseball history. Larsen, who compiled an ordinary career record of 81 wins and 91 losses, probably shouldn't have even been the starting pitcher that October 8 afternoon ... especially against the Hall of Fame lineup of the defending champion Brooklyn Dodgers!

Ninety-seven pitches later, Larsen had firmly entrenched himself as a part of the lore that only the game of baseball can produce. His feat ranks with the great underdog efforts of all time. Leatherbound edition autographed by Don Lasen and Yogi Berra available.

by Paul Hornung

New York Times Bestseller

Paul Hornung was football's "Golden Boy" -- handsome, talented, and wildly successful. He had a great career at Notre Dame, where he won the Heisman Trophy (the only player ever to win it on a team with a losing record). He was the #1 draft pick in the NFL and went to the Green Bay Packers, a terrible team soon transformed by a new head coach, Vince Lombardi. Hornung's Packer teams would become a dynasty, and ten of his teammates (as well as Lombardi) would eventually join him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Hornung led the NFL in scoring from 1959 to 1961, setting a single-season scoring record in 1960 that still stands. He was Player of the Year in 1960 and 1961.

For Hornung, the good life came at a price: his gambling cost him a year's suspension from the NFL in 1963. He accepted his punishment, refusing to implicate anyone else, but in this autobiography he reveals just how widespread gambling was in the NFL.

However, on the playing field Hornung and his Packer teammates made football history. They're all here, and Hornung has great stories to tell about them and about some of their biggest games together.

by Emmitt Smith

With his blend of humility and charisma, natural talent and fierce determination, Emmitt Smith has soared to the top of the NFL. But the league's Most Valuable Player-both in the regular season and in the Super Bowl-still isn't satisfied. "There's so much more I need to accomplish," Emmitt says. "If you're satisfied, you're finished." Now, in the same way he plays the game, Emmitt takes us onto the field and into his life.

by Floyd Conner

Wrestling's Most Wanted profiles 700 of the most outrageous wrestlers, obnoxious managers, and powerful promoters in pro wrestling history, including all of today's greatest stars, including Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Goldberg, and Sid Vicious. It also remembers the greats of the past, such as Gorgeous George, Dick the Bruiser, The Sheik, Superfly, Jimmy Snuka, Argentina Rocca, Abdullah the Butcher, Bruno Sammartino, and André the Giant.

by Floyd Conner

Basketball's Most Wanted chronicles 700 of the most outlandish players, coaches, and fans in basketball history. Its seventy lists describe in humorous detail basketball's top ten worst shooters, strangest plays, bizarre nicknames, politicians who have played, little-known records, unlikely NBA teams, and more.

by Floyd Conner

Olympic history is filled with the unusual, the bizarre, and the unbelievable. The Olympic's Most Wanted chronicles 700 of the most outlandish competitors in the history of the winter and summer Olympics. Its seventy lists describe in humorous detail the Olympics' most inept athletes, strangest events, most embarrassing performances, poorest losers, most outrageous cheaters, unlikeliest heroes, most notorious disqualifications, and more. Only here will you find out that Margaret Abbott won the gold medal in women's golf in 1900 without realizing she was competing in the Olympics or that American Fred Lorz rode in a car for eleven of the twenty-six miles of the 1904 marathon. American tennis player Marion Jones won a bronze medal at the 1900 games without winning a match. Stella Walsh, 1932 gold medalist in the women's 100-meter dash, was, in reality, a man. All this and more can be found in Olympic's Most Wanted.

by Floyd Conner

Tennis history is filled with unusual, bizarre, and unbelievable stories. Tennis's Most Wanted chronicles 700 of the most outrageous players, coaches, and officials in tennis history. Its seventy lists describe in detail tennis's colorful characters, surprising matches, inept players, bizarre nicknames, outrageous outfits, embarrassing losses, errant shots, terrible tantrums, and more. Only here will you learn that Joshua Pim won Wimbledon in 1893 and 1894 under an assumed name because he was afraid that being a tennis player would hurt his medical practice. Frank Riesley and Sydney Smith settled their 1904 Wimbledon semifinal match by flipping a coin. M. H. de Amorin served seventeen consecutive double faults in a 1937 match at Wimbledon. Renee Richards played in the 1955 U.S. Open as a man and, after a sex-change operation, as a woman in 1975. W. C. Fields played tennis with a racket in one hand and a martini in the other. Tony Pickard lost a match at the Italian Open when a linesman left to buy ice cream. "Gorgeous Gussy" Moran did a striptease at a press conference, and Pat Stewart wrote her phone number on her panties for the 1961 Wimbledon. You can find all this and more in Tennis's Most Wanted.

by Floyd Conner

The history of hockey is filled with the bizarre, the unexpected, and the hard to believe. Hockey's Most Wanted chronicles 700 of the most outrageous players, coaches, and owners in hockey history. In humorous detail, Floyd Conner describes hockey's top-ten strange plays, inept players, bizarre nicknames, craziest fans, colorful characters, unlikely heroes, odious owners, worst coaches, beleaguered officials, most brutal fights, and more. Learn why Dave Reece was nicknamed "the Human Sieve," and find out which goalie once gave up fifteen goals in a game. Meet the player who was whistled for a record sixty-seven penalty minutes in a single game and another who played in the National Hockey League for five years before scoring his first goal. Imagine scoring the winning goal in the seventh and deciding game of the Stanley Cup-for the opposing team-or how it felt to be the defenseman traded for a net. You can find all this and more in Hockey's Most Wanted, a book that every hockey fan will enjoy.

by Floyd Conner

Baseball’s rich history brims with the bizarre, the weird, and the hard to believe — and it’s all here! Fans will enjoy encountering more than 700 of the game’s most outlandish players, managers, and owners, and checking out 70 top-ten lists of the worst hitters, wildest pitchers, and poorest fielders ever to wield a bat, ball, and glove. From freaky injuries to unique nicknames, the strangest plays to the least-known records, this quirky and irreverent look at baseball is thoroughly entertaining.

by Phil Esposito

Phil Esposito, the center from the SOO (Sault St. Marie, Ontario) documents the life of a legend skating on thin ice. In this memoir, Espo covers the various aspects of his colorful life in hockey: from being a legendary player, commentator and coach to general manager, founder and part owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Esposito saw it all: the booze, the drugs, the women, the financial shenanigans, the good times and the camaraderie, the bad times and the backstabbing. In telling co-author Pete Golenblock what it was really like, Esposito takes readers into the boardrooms, back rooms- and even the bedrooms- of the men who make their lives in the NHL.








by Terry Bradshaw with David Fisher

New York Times Bestseller

Whether on the gridiron or sitting in front of a camera, speaking to a Fortune 500 company or singing a sad song, Terry Bradshaw is one of America's favorite personalities. Winner of four Super Bowl championships as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bradshaw has met great success as the co-host of Fox network's top-rated NFL Sunday.

It's Only A Game, Bradshaw's new memoir written with David Fisher, hit the New York Times bestsellers list shortly after publication. It's Only A Game is the insightful, inspiring, revealing and often hilarious chronicle of a fascinating life.

by Dwayne Johnson with Joe Layden

New York Times Bestseller

In this action-packed, revealing and outrageously funny memoir, WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) recounts his life in and out of the ring with unapologetic honesty and inimitable style. From his boyhood days traveling around the world with his father (professional wrestler Rocky Johnson) to his years as a football player at the University of Miami to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Federation, The Rock Says. . . chronicles in vivid detail the life story of one of sports-entertainment's most innovative and best-loved personalities.

The Rock takes fans on a guided tour of big-time professional wrestling, a highly competitive business in which a handful of gifted and lucky performers dominate, and all others dream of a moment in the spotlight. He provides a breathtaking, minute-by-minute account of Wrestle Mania, the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, including an intimate backstage look at rehearsals with his opponent, Stone Cold Steve Austin. And he discusses in heartfelt detail the loss of his friend and co-worker, Owen Hart. Filled with genuinely touching stories of love and strife, hilarious anecdotes and dozens of previously unpublished photographs from Johnson's personal collection, The Rock Says. . . is -- as The Rock himself might put it -- "the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow if you smell what The Rock is cookin'."