by Maria Menounos

New York Times Bestseller

Raised by working class immigrant parents and exposed to Hollywood's most elite experts in every field, Maria Menounos shares her tips and secrets with the EveryGirl, on Everything: her systems to organize life, manage time and ascend the ladder of success, her lazy woman's workout, her method to lose weight (how she lost 40 lbs and kept it off) and her guide to being your own stylist (how to do hair, makeup and fashion as if you had a team of stylists). The EveryGirl's Guide to Life includes Maria's personal experiences, photos from her life and red carpet journey as well as the various mantras, mottos and philosophies she's adapted from the world's most successful women. Maria gives advice on health, career, relationships, renovations, recreation and so much more. From your carpet to the red carpet, she teaches the EveryGirl, on the "every salary," how to groom herself like the stars, how to live a healthier and happier life and how to set herself up for success.

“Maria always has great advice and solutions! Whether it’s getting ready for the red carpet or organizing your life, Maria always does it better, faster, and cheaper.” (Tori Spelling)

“One stop shopping! Maria shows us girls how to successfully juggle it all while looking fabulous. I love her lazy woman workout and yummy recipes!” (Kim Kardashian)

“Although she’s a beautiful woman, Maria is that rare individual who has learned how to retain her childlike enthusiasm for life and it shows in everything she does, especially this book. She is contagious in the most wonderful way. Can you tell I adore her?” (Kathie Lee Gifford)

“She is a beautiful, hard working lady who has a will and way to make things work for herself! She has some great tips that are easy to apply and help make your life better” (Heidi Klum)

“Why didn’t someone give me Maria’s book a few years ago??? I have wasted so much of my life looking for my other shoe! Maria is organized, down to earth, and sweet to boot. What a trifecta (and a great read)!” (Hoda Kotb)

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by Michael Largo

The Big Book of Beasts is David Attenborough meets Lemony Snicket in this one of a kind treasury of the most strange and fascinating knowledge and lore abut animals. Taking the original bestiaries as his inspiration, Largo returns reader to that captivating wonder of animals we all had as children and looks at the beasts we create with our imaginations, as well as ones long gone. He shares the animal kingdom’s most fascinating secrets and reveals fact after astonishing—and often hilarious—fact about their oddest behaviors.

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New Latina's Bible by Sandra Guzman

In this new edition of a book that’s been a go-to guide for young Latinas for years, award-winning journalist Sandra Guzman tackles the real-world complications facing Latinas today. With warmth, humor, and wisdom, The New Latina’s Bible explores a wide range of issues, touching on everything from family to dating to the workplace. Guzman offers helpful tips on improving self-esteem, and provides simple, easy-to-follow women’s health advice. New chapters take on important topics like sexual abuse, domestic violence, interracial relationships, and LGBTQ issues.

In The New Latina’s Bible, Guzman shows other Latinas that they are not alone in the day-to-day dilemmas that they encounter, and that understanding these challenges can strengthen and empower them as women. A must-read for any Latina who faces the trials of living, loving, and dreaming in two worlds—the old world of their mamá, tías, and abuelitas, and the new world in which they are immersed—this comprehensive book helps to bridge the gap between the dual realities that shape and define the nueva Latina.

by Barry and Brad Klinge

Part high-adventure tale, part autobiography, this page-turner recounts the eerie experiences that convinced brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, founders of Everyday Paranormal and stars of the TV series Ghost Lab on Discovery Channel, that ghosts really do walk among us

Brad and Barry Klinge have been investigating paranormal occurrences for the last twenty years, and in Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style, they divulge some of their most exciting ghost encounters and analyze the science behind their paranormal hunts.

Each chapter of this fascinating book focuses on the Klinge brothers’ investigations into the creepiest of places, and explains how they have been able to capture both audio and video of paranormal occurrences using their high tech tools, and a healthy dose of common sense. Even when faced with mysterious slamming doors and haunting pleas for help, these brothers never shy away from a bone-chilling encounter or another chance to investigate a centuries-old haunting.

Whether they are simply looking for a frightening ghost story or are more interested in the science behind ghost hunting, readers will not be able to put this gripping book down. In fact, they may even be inspired to take up ghost-hunting themselves.

The Rules According to JWOWWby Matt Mogk

The most comprehensive zombie handbook ever published. In one indispensable volume, Matt Mogk, founder and head of the Zombie Research Society, busts popular myths and answers all your raging questions about the living dead.

"If you're already a zombie fan, you'll be blown away by the time and energy sunk into this book. If you're not a zombie a fan, this book will make you one!" --Max Brooks, Author of Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z

"This book is fantastic. Even if you don't like zombies you've got to love this book." --Steven Schlozman, M.D., Harvard Medical School

"Matt Mogk is the leading authority on zombies in the U.S., if not the world." --Scott Kenemore, Author of Zombie, Ohio

"Matt Mogk is a walking catalog of important modern developments in zombie research, and his book is an essential resource in the coming zombie apocalypse." --Michael Harris, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience, University of Alaska

"Pulling together key knowledge strands untapped by previous works, Mogk stakes out new territory at the nexus of science, pop culture, and reality." --Brendan Riley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, Columbia College Chicago

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The Rules According to JWOWWJenni “JWOWW” Farley

"Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but I'm from the Jersey Shore." —JWOWW

Are you stuck in a relationship with a stage-five clinger? Maybe your date is more like a man-whore than Mr. Smooth. Do guys only call you late at night when they're looking for a quick hookup? The Rules According to JWOWW can change all that.

Famous for both her cleavage-baring tops and her tough-as-nails approach to life and love on MTV's hit show Jersey Shore, JWOWW tells it like it is. And now she's laying down the rules she has learned and lived by on smushing, smackdowns, and standing up for yourself. JWOWW's advice on what she wears to get a guy's attention at the club, how she keeps her man in check, how she maintains her sick body, and what she does to satisfy her guy will have you with a man ready to wife-up in no time.

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by Michael Largo

From the dawn of civilisation humankind has looked for answers to the meaning of existence. The big questions like, 'where did we come from?', 'how should we live?', and 'where do we go when we die?' have perplexed and puzzled. Each generation has been eager to follow the prophets who might manifest and offer their guidance. The roads taken to find certain truths were varied, ranging from the ridiculous, or horrific and strange, to the sublime. From the prophets of doom, to the eccentric characters from the Bible, to solitary visionaries, such as hermits and ascetics, or believers in overindulgence, who thought food, sex, and drugs were the keys to the portal to divine understanding, "God's Lunatics" chronicles history's large and colourful cast of prophets. From the intimate doings of those who rose to an 'immortal' level, walked on fire, or handled poisonous snakes, to prophets claiming time travel as their source of knowledge, "God's Lunatics" also takes a look at the foundations of major religions, and the adoption of customs and laws which influenced governments and culture to this day.

by Doogie Horner

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is packed with meticulously designed charts that trace the labyrinthine connections that order the universe, illuminate life's great mysteries, and cause eye strain in senior citizens. Swiss scientists at the prestigious University of Helsinki have said that Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is the closest thing there is to a working unified field theory, and have gone on to claim that they aren't Swiss, aren't scientists, and aren't sure whether or not Helsinki is in Switzerland. And yet the Swiss consulate has not denied that this book contains more than two hundred illustrations, forty mammoth charts, and innumerable supporting graphs and essays, including:


·         An illustrated matrix of WWF Finishing Moves

·         Heavy metal band names taxonomy

·         The noble art of zeppelin warfare demystified

·         How to win any argument

·         Tragedy to comedy conversion chart for comedians

·         A creepy drawing of a baby skeleton

·         How to tell if you're an evil twin


by Marina Orlova

Intelligence is sexy.

Good morning, dear students, and welcome to my favorite class: philology, or the love of words.

For me, nothing is more seductive than a good word origin story. I can't get enough. I mean, have you ever wondered what the word "cocktail" has to do with drinks? Or whether "hussy" was always an insult? Or why Benedict got his very own egg recipe? These are the types of questions that keep me awake all night long.

Whether you've been a straight-A follower of my YouTube channel or this is your first adventure in philology, I think that soon you'll be just as hot for words as I am! Are you ready for class to begin?

by Brian Thomsen

Sometimes the truth hurts - but it doesn’t have to. The Awful Truths examines some of our culture’s oldest, most popular myths, and tells the fascinating, hilarious, and shocking stories behind what really happened. Each truth is supported with iron-clad evidence that skillfully explains how and where our misconceptions originated.

Who was Mario Puzo’s model for the Don Corleone character in The Godfather? Was it Joseph “Joe Bananas” Bonanno? The infamous Salvatore Marranzo? No…it was Puzo’s mother! Senator Joe McCarthy was responsible for the infamous “Hollywood Blacklist,” right? Well, actually… no, he had nothing to do with it.

Surprising, engaging, and punctuated with side-splitting cartoons throughout, the quirky tidbits in The Awful Truths turn history on its head.

“The verdict is in. Brian Thomsen’s The Awful Truths is guilty of being both entertaining and informative. A supreme achievement.” -F. Lee Bailey

by Joe Edelman and David Samson

Brainchild of the wildly successful, this trivia book has already gained legions of fans before it even hits the shelves. Looking like a course catalog, Useless Knowledge offers to replace all that important stuff its taken years to accumulate with a ton of amusing and nonsensical tidbits.

by Laura Corn

This book contains whole seductions, in delicious detail, from flirty beginnings to extremely erotic ends. Filled with tips for passionate lovemaking, the sealed pages of this intriguing book are packed with erotic instructions — 50 for men and 50 for women.

by Laura Corn

This racy guide from bestselling author Laura Corn will feature a year's worth of seductions inspired by the world's best sex. Insights from around the globe will no doubt entice you to explore your bedroom with new zeal and daily ideas for stimulating yourself and your partner.

by M.B. Roberts

Few brides would dare to walk down the aisle without their bridesmaids close at hand. Almost every American woman has been a bridesmaid and experienced the dress (which, despite the bride's promise, will never be worn again), the dyed-to-match shoes, and the task of calming and comforting a nervous bride. For doing all that they do with a smile, bridesmaids deserve this lovely tribute. The intimate duotone photographs celebrate the friendship between a bride and her bridesmaids with beauty and poignancy. Captions such as "She's someone I can count on," "She keeps me grounded," and "She remembers things that I forget" let bridesmaids know just why they are so special. Bridesmaids will treasure this special keepsake long after they have sent the dress to Goodwill.

by Floyd Conner

Warren Beatty's first job was as a rat catcher in a Washington, D.C. theater. When Jack Nicholson first arrived in Hollywood, he sorted fan mail for the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. Alan Ladd was discovered operating a hotdog stand outside a studio. George Hamilton used to throw away his socks after wearing them only once. Tough guy Charles Bronson was so poor as a kid that he wore his sister's hand-me-down dresses. Judy Garland was turned down for a role in the "Our Gang" comedies. Ronald Reagan rejected the role of Rick in Casablanca, later made famous by Humphrey Bogart.

The history of Hollywood is filled with the strange, the bizarre and the unbelievable. The 70 lists in Hollywood's Most Wanted describe in amusing detail Hollywood's top 10 worst movies, most dreadful performances, biggest bombs, funniest real names, sexiest blonde bombshells, most intriguing mysteries, most audacious publicity stunts, oddest couples, most inauspicious debuts, weirdest pre-acting jobs, most scandalous behavior, strangest deaths and more.

by John Schuster

The spectacularly successful movie A Night at the Museum was a fantastic look at the off-hours wonders of the American Museum of Natural History. However, some of the real behind-the-scenes stories are more fantastic than anything a screenwriter could dream up. Haunting Museums covers these overlooked bits of history including curses, mistaken dinosaurs, conspiracy plots of the founding fathers, spectral evidence of the afterlife, and other unsettling matters on full display.

In addition to many other intriguing stories of the fantastical, Haunting Museums details:

* The Carnegie Sauropods, Or Bring Me the Head of Apatosaurus Louisae – the story of a dinosaur on display for close to a half a century with the wrong head.
* What’s on that Broad Stripe with Those Bright Stars? – the quizzical mark on the flag that is known as the Star Spangled banner.
* The 1897 Living Eskimo Exhibit – where living people were put on display and turned over to the taxidermist for “preservation" after they died.
* Man-eaters at the Museum: The Lions That Stopped a Railroad – the story of the Maneless lions made legendary by the movie the Ghost in the Darkness.
* So Where is Amelia Earhart? – the exhibit at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum of the most famous missing aviatrix of all time.

by Brian M. Thomsen

Brian M. Thomsen offers an array chilling and enticing accounts of spirits, specters, and supernatural beliefs from and about those who have inhabited the White House. It is time to discover which U.S. presidents have encountered UFOs, and which believe that they have associated with ghosts, as well as which of our nation's leaders have delved into fortune telling or consulted with factions of the occult.

These strange but true accounts also include George Washington's visions, Ronald and Nancy Reagan's reliance on psychics, the haunted homes of Dolly Madison and Rosalyn Carter, Jimmy Carter's UFO sighting, Hillary Clinton's experience with channeling, the mysterious curse of Tecumseh, the secret societies of presidents, and much more.

by Brad Paisley and M.B. Roberts

Jug Fishing for Greazy and Other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories is a collection of some of Brad's favorite fishing memories including: Fishing with important men in his life such as his grandfather, Little Jimmy Dickens, World champion Bass angler Hank Parker, and his best friend and co-writer, Kelley Lovelace; and the time when members of Lonestar filled Brad's onstage water bottle with minnows and sat in the front row of the concert hall throwing minnows at his forehead as he tried to sing "I'm Gonna Miss Her."

The book includes an enhanced CD single of the song and the popular video for "I'm Gonna Miss Her".

by Britney Spears

New York Times Bestseller

American singing sensation Britney Spears and her mom talk about life, love, fame and following your dreams.

Britney Spears makes success look simple. As Brit will tell you, though, success is hard work - you need talent, belief in yourself and someone else who believes in you. For Britney, that person has always been her mother, Lynne Spears, who is not just Britney's mama but also her best friend.

Featuring never-before-seen photos and dozens of behind-the-scenes stories about life at home, in the studio, and on the road, Britney Spears' Heart to Heart is not only a must-have for Britney fans, it's also an honest look at what it's like for girls to grow up in today's world. Here's straight talk from the heart, from a mother and daughter who know that love, faith and family always come first.

by Michael Largo

We’re all going to die - it’s in the contract - but how will it happen? Today, although we live longer, people are killed by everything, including some outrageous causes as bad words, bingo, bloodletting, flying cows, frozen toilets, eating hair, hiccups, laughing, spontaneous combustion, and toupees! According to death certificates, there are more than 3, 000 ways to die. In the eye-opening and addictive Final Exits, the ways we die - bizarre and common - are alphabetically arranged and include actual accounts of people both famous and ordinary.

Thoroughly researched, with uncanny historical detail covering burial customs, famous last words, and more than 400 medical and historical illustrations from throughout the ages, Final Exits is more than just a trivia book. It is a portrait in words and numbers of human fate.

by Michael Largo

In The Portable Obituary, the second in a series examining death, author Michael Largo reveals the true last days of public figures and reviews their lives from the vantage point of their demise. He examines how a famous and celebrated person's deeds, intimate habits and lifestyles ultimately influence their mode of death, and in due course, determine their role in history and culture.

by Michael Largo

In his highly anticipated follow up to Final Exits and The Portable Obituary, Michael Largo tackles the art of the famous demise from another archly inventive angle.  Genius and Heroin archives the self-destructive lives and deaths of the extremely gifted from all arenas, including actors, politicians, athletes, scientists, musicians and military leaders.  Genius and Heroin is a reference guide that explores the paradox of an artist’s angst, that which prompts both inspiration and torment.  Largo’s work is a profound new addition to the public debate on whether personal agony is a necessary component to being publicly immortalized.

Look for Michael Largo’s new book Blinded by the Light coming June 2010 from HarperCollins.