by John Johnson, Jr. and Joel Selvin

The never-before-told story of The Peppermint Lounge, the famed Manhattan nightspot and mobster hangout that launched an era

The Peppermint Lounge was intended to be nothing more than a front for gambling and other rackets but the club became a sensation after Dick “Cami” Camillucci began to feature a new kind of music, rock and roll. The mobsters running the place found themselves juggling rebellious youths alongside celebrities like Greta Garbo and Shirley MacLaine. When The Beatles visited the club, Cami’s uncle-in-law had to restrain a hitman who was after Ringo because his girlfriend was so infatuated with the drummer.

Working with Dick Cami himself, Johnson and Selvin unveil this engrossing story of the go-go sixties and the club that inspired the classic hits “Twisting the Night Away” and “The Peppermint Twist.”


The Sopranos meets American Bandstand! I love it. The Peppermint Lounge is where it all started for me and the Ronettes.”—Ronnie Spector, The Ronettes

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by Sammy Hagar

New York Times Bestseller

Loud rock, fast cars, and Cabo.
This is the life of Sammy Hagar.

For almost forty years, Sammy Hagar has been a fixture in rock music. From breaking into the industry with the band Montrose to his multiplatinum solo career to his ride as the front man of Van Halen, Sammy's powerful and unforgettable voice has set the tone for some of the greatest rock anthems ever written—songs like "I Can't Drive 55," "Right Now," and "Why Can't This Be Love."

In Red, Sammy tells the outrageous story of his tear through rock 'n' roll, detailing the backstage antics and nonstop touring that have made his voice instantly recognizable. Beginning with his musical coming-of-age in the blue-collar towns of California, Sammy traces his rough and determined rise to fame, working harder than anyone else out there and writing songs about the things he loved—fast cars, loud parties, and lots of good times.

But solo success was just the start, a prelude to his raucous and notorious decade as the front man for Van Halen, one of the biggest-selling rock groups in history. Filled with behind-the-scenes stories from his time with the band, Red offers the Van Halen story as Sammy saw it, holding nothing back about the worldwide stadium tours, the tensions with Eddie, the messy parties, the divided friendships, and, of course, his controversial and widely disputed exit from the band.

After Van Halen, Sammy changed directions again, throwing himself headfirst into the tequila business and creating Cabo Wabo, one of the most successful tequila brands in the world. And all the while he continued to rock, touring the country with his bands the Waboritas and Chickenfoot, and eventually reuniting with Van Halen for a tour that became both a box-office smash and a personal catastrophe.

From the decadence of being one of the world's biggest rock stars to the unfiltered story of being forced out of Van Halen, Sammy's account spares no one, least of all himself. His is a tale of a true rock 'n' roller—someone who's spent decades bringing the party with him wherever he goes but always headin' back to Cabo for mas tequila.

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by John Edward Hasse and Tad Lathrop

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by Joel Selvin

Of the top '50s rock-n-roll stars, only Elvis Presley could boast a name and face better known than Ricky Nelson's. The star of TV's top-rated Ozzie and Harriet. Nelson burst into stardom as one of TV's first child actors. His death in an airplane crash shattered America's dreams.

This revealing biography exposes the truth about the teen idol, detailing Nelson's desolate years of depression, his determination to establish an adult identity and gain the respect he deserved as a musician, the years of his drug addition, and his frustration with the disastrous end of his nineteen-year marriage to California golden girl Kristin Harmon.

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by Clint Richmond

He wrote his first song at the age of twelve, evoking heartbreak with an authenticity beyond his years. Willie Nelson has always known hard times, from his abandonment by first his mother, then his father. As a Nashville songsmith he wrote one of the top jukebox hits of all time, Patsy Cline's "Crazy," yet he remained obscure until he abandoned Music City for Austin, Texas, where he pioneered the outlaw sound that revolutionized country music. This intimate portrait reveals the details of his three failed marriages, his successful film career, the tragic death of his son, and his activism as the organizer of Farm Aid. Here is the dramatic story of the tax problems that prompted the IRS to padlock and then auction his home and possessions -- and the incredible outpouring of gratitude from fans and farmers who bought it all... and then gave it back. Packed with photos and interviews not seen in the original VH1 broadcast, this book brings alive the genius -- and genuineness -- of a legend whose stardom extends far beyond genre boundaries.

by Richie Furay

When a young Richie Furay moved to New York hoping to make it big in folk music, God wasn’t one of his concerns. But destiny was. Later, when he started Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, it seemed Furay’s destiny had finally arrived. Although the band recorded only three albums, it remains a touchstone of sixties rock music – with all five band members now enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Furay remained a musical pioneer, forming Poco and recording some of the first – and best – country rock music of the sixties and seventies. His work was a major influence on the Eagles and innumerable other bands. But he still had not found his destiny.

It wasn’t until his marriage almost disintegrated that Furay confronted his need for God. After co-founding two legendary bands and recording with a rock super-group, Richie Furay finally found his destiny. The long journey took him from sold-out arena concerts to the pulpit of a Colorado church, from rock royalty to the Rock of Ages.

Destiny is often found in the places where we’re not looking. As you follow the twists and turns in Richie Furay’s inspiring journey, you’ll gain fresh insight into your own.

by Paul Colby

Owner Paul Colby recalls the Bitter End's transformation from a small coffeehouse into the pre-eminent music and comedy venue that is still going strong today.

by Cedella Marley-Booker with Anthony C. Winkler

In this revealing and poignant account of the life of her eldest son, reggae icon Bob Marley (1945-1980), Mother Cedella Marley-Booker (or Madda Booker, as Jamaicans say) tells the full story as only a parent could, and tells it in the mellifluous but earthy tones of her own distinct voice. Known as "Nesta" to his family, Marley was a troubled youth who introduced the world to reggae and through that music became an artist whose work remains timeless and vital. Bob Marley, My Son is a celebration of his life and the story of the people whose lives he touched.

by Stephen Parish and Joe Layden

The untold story of life on the road with the Grateful Dead, written by an insider who lived it from the early days to today.

Steve Parish was never one to walk the straight-and-narrow, even during his childhood growing up in Flushing Meadow, Queens. Incarcerated as a teenager for selling acid in 1968, Parish's experience changed him and after getting out, he secured a job moving music equipment at the New York State Pavilion. The first show he worked was a Grateful Dead concert in July of 1969, and Parish was captivated by the music and he fell in quickly with a band of likeminded misfits who formed the nucleus of what would be the greatest road crew in rock 'n' roll history. Home Before Daylight is a story of friendship, of music and redemption. It is a piece of music history, one that reflects the American spirit of adventure and brotherhood. Seen through Steve Parish's eyes and experiences, The Grateful Dead's wild ride has never been so revealing.

by Joel Selvin

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the West Coast, particularly San Francisco, was the epicenter of rock music. Culled from more than 200 interviews with all the major players, including Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick, David Crosby, and Steve Miller, Summer of Love is the definitive book about the Psychedelic Era. Selvin provides an uncensored look at the acid-laced jam sessions, bacchanal parties, crimes of passion, run-ins with ruthless promoters and lawmen, overdoses, rivalries, deaths, and, of course, the music. Filled with never-before-told stories of The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Janis Joplin, Country Joe and the Fish, Creedance Clearwater Revival, and non-musicians like Bill Graham and Ken Kesey, this book presents an unforgettable, kaleidoscopic portrait of a crucial era in American music.