by Colonel Jack Jacobs (ret.) and David Fisher

From a Medal of Honor winner—the first book that provides a documented and oral history of an American institution: basic training

Every soldier, sailor, marine and air force personnel has one thing in common: They all have been through basic training. None will ever forget it. During the eight weeks of training each recruit learns things about themselves that they never experienced before.

They are taught everything from combat skills to making a bed with sheets so tight a quarter will bounce off them. The goal of this training is to turn a young American into a soldier, sailor or marine who will instantly and unquestioningly respond to an order.

Basic tells the history of basic training, including historic materials like schedules, menus, cadence calls, chants and songs from the various wars, and even excerpts from training manuals. This is a book that will bring back memories of basic for the 40 million people who have gone through it, and offers outsiders a look inside this life-changing experience.

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by James Bradley

#1 New York Times Bestseller

Now a major motion picture directed by Clint Eastwood, this is the unforgettable chronicle of perhaps the most famous moment in American military history. James Bradley has captured the glory, the triumph, the heartbreak and the legacy of the six men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Here is the true story behind the immortal photograph that has come to symbolize the courage and indomitable will of America.

Nearly 26,000 Americans fell during the Battle of Iwo Jima, the turning point in the war in the Pacific. Navy corpsman James Bradley was one of those six men who raised the flag, a few days after braving enemy mortar and machine-gun fire to aid a wounded Marine and drag him to safety. Bradley was awarded the Navy Cross for his act of heroism. In Flags of Our Fathers, Bradley's son tells his father's story and the story of the five other men who raised the American flag on that fateful day.

by Eric L. Haney

The history and behind the scenes story of the U.S. Special Forces tailored for a young adult audience by founding member and excellent role model Eric Haney, Command Sergeant Major, USA (ret). Inside Delta Force: A Young Person’s Guide was published by Random House.

by Peter Stevens

A stunning collision of military eras--The heroic and tragic final campaign of the U.S. horseback cavalry against the mechanized Japanese Army of World War II

This the first book to chronicle the full drama of the 26th Cavalry’s magnificent but doomed mounted campaign against the finest troops, air power, and tanks of the Japanese Army—a long-neglected episode of World War II that marked the end of the grand tradition of the U.S. horseback cavalry.

It was shortly after Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese invasion of the Philippines was underway. Among the Philippines’ defenses was a group of Filipino noncommissioned officers and enlisted men, led by white American officers. They were from a different era—trained to fight on horseback as had the Cavalry in the Civil War. They battled fiercely against their Japanese foes but were, in the end, forced to slaughter their mounts and to give up the fight.

Through extensive research based in part on in-depth interviews with 26th Cavalry veterans, author Peter F. Stevens brings this band of brothers and their beloved horses to life as they rode, fought, and bled together in the desperate, doomed struggle to stem the Imperial Japanese Army.

by Col. Jack Jacobs

Col. Jack Jacobs believes that our nation has avoided examining the role of citizenry in the defense of its Republic. In his stirring personal story, told in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Doug Century, the Medal of Honor recipient will offer pointed and controversial views on the mismanagement of the Iraq war, the so-called "War on Terror" and the scandals in the Abu Ghraib prison, and meditate upon Jacobs' strongly held views of service.

Jacobs' memoir is the story of a young first-generation American, born in Brooklyn, who finds himself thrust into the heat of combat where his character is defined in ways he could never have imagined during the crucible of battle.

by Roy P. Benavidez

The powerful story of one man's fight against bigotry, paralysis and his war enemy that led to the Medal of Honor.

by Eric L. Haney with Brian Thomsen

Media commentator Eric L. Haney - one of twelve founding Delta Force members and author of Inside Delta Force - along with other outstanding military analysts and award-nominated editor Brian Thomsen, examines our evolving military in the face of changing times, technology, and adversaries. From possible invasions of Syria or Iran - or a major military stand-down with North Korea - Beyond Shock and Awe is a provocative vision of America's military of the future.

by Damon DiMarco

Meet the brave warriors who are fighting this faraway conflict.

Damon DiMarco's Heart of War is an oral history generated from interviews with eighteen veterans of the current War in Iraq. It is told from eighteen unique perspectives by the fighting men and women who served and fought under the harshest of conditions in a land consumed by violence, where the line between a just war and an unjust one is often almost indistinguishable.

Heart of War does not sway toward a political polarity; instead, the subjects speak frankly from their own experiences, sharing their stories, airing their issues, and expressing their triumphs and disappointments alike. For the first time in any account of this war, all branches of the United States Armed Service are represented: the Army, the Marines, Air Force and Navy (including three by women serving in the military). Ultimately, one common thread links all eighteen of them: getting the job done and getting it done right.

by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

New York Times Bestseller

A powerful wartime saga in the bestselling tradition of Ghost Soldiers and Flags of Our Fathers, Brothers in Arms recounts the extraordinary story of the 761st Battalion, the first all-black tank battalion to seem combat in World War II. The 761st withstood segregation and lynchings at home and the fierce German counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge to emerge as one of the most highly decorated units in World War II.

"I believe it is time for America to meet the men of the 761st, common men who grew to become heroes, black men who fought for a country that often hated them, stalwart men who overcame social injustice to become men of colorblind valor. This first-of-its-kind book will … help them take their place as members of the greatest generation." --Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Nathan Sassaman and Joe Layden

Lt. Col. Nathan Sassaman was one of the most celebrated members of the United States military. With 800 soldiers under his command in the heart of the Sunni triangle in Iraq, his unit sought and eliminated terrorists and loyalists to Saddam Hussein while rebuilding the region’s infrastructure. In Iraq, Sassaman was known for his innovation and strategy, but in America, his reputation is awash in the nation’s dour memory of an Iraqi’s alleged drowning at the hands of Sassaman’s men. When the Army convicted three men for manslaughter and a fourth for assault, it was the first time troops serving in Iraq were charged with murdering a detainee. In this complex fight where Army leaders find themselves pinned against one another and the media’s hunger is satiated by taking down our own men, Nathan’s decision to cover for his men demonstrates much about the toll his war has taken on our nation.

Warrior King is a revealing and haunting memoir of both the brutality and the humanitarian efforts in Iraq, the power play between the troops’ ground work to the Pentagon, and why this war has gone horribly wrong.

by Dennis Showalter

A dual biography of the two World War II generals who changed warfare - and history - forever.

General George S. Patton and General Erwin Rommel: They served their countries through two World Wars. Their temperaments, both on and off the battlefield, were overwhelmingly contrary - but their approach to modern warfare was remarkably similar.

Written by a prominent military historian, Patton and Rommel takes a provocative look at both figures, intertwining the stories of the paths they took and the decisions they made during the course of the Second World War - and compares the lives and careers of two men whose military tactics redirected the course of history.

by General Donald V. Bennett

Whether it was fighting Rommel's fierce Afrika Korps, hitting the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, surviving the Battle of the Bulge or just being in the next room during the infamous "slapping incident" of Blood-n-Guts General George Patton, Donald Bennett experienced the fiery crucible of World War II and survived to tell about it.

Lindbergh, Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower are just names in a history book to most -- but to Don Bennett they were personal acquaintances. This is the story of famous moments in history from a man who was actually there.

by Mark Faram

Edward Steichen’s Aviation Photographic Unit was an elite and unique military outfit during World War II. Through memorable and dramatic shots of the U.S. Navy, they told the story of the war visually, recording history and changing the face of modern photography in the process. Navy Times writer and photographer Mark Faram has compiled some of their work and conveys its story in Faces of War. This collection contains more than 100 images, a dvd of the photography, and a photograph suitable for framing.