by Cade Courtly (with Michael Largo)

Think and act like a Navy SEAL and you can survive anything.

The world is a dangerous place. You can live scared—or be prepared.

“We never thought it would happen to us.” From random shootings to deadly wildfires to terrorist attacks, the reality is that modern life is unpredictable and dangerous. Don't live in fear or rely on luck. Learn the SEAL mindset: be prepared, feel confident, step up, and know exactly how to survive any life-threatening situation.

Former Navy SEAL and preeminent American survivalist Cade Courtley delivers step-by-step instructions anyone can master in this illustrated, user-friendly guide. You'll learn to think like a SEAL and how to:

improvise weapons from everyday items  *  pack a go bag  * escape mass-shootings * treat injuries at the scene * subdue a hijacker  *  survive extreme climates  *  travel safely abroad  *  defend against animal attacks  *  survive pandemic * and much more.

Don’t be taken by surprise. Don’t be a target. Fight back, protect yourself, and beat the odds with the essential manual no one in the twenty-first century should be without.


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Dream Team's new way to a good night's sleep for babies and parents.

With a simple and easy-to-follow plan for today's fast-moving (and often sleep-deprived) parents, this book offers a new, modern approach to teaching babies how to sleep independently. The authors' proven methods, prepared with a team of esteemed pediatric advisors, show anyone how to coach their baby to sleep through the night on his or her own. The importance of preparation, consistency, and patience is explained in a down-to-earth style.

  • A primer on the science of sleep
  • Instructions for setting up the sleeping environment and creating sleeping and eating schedules
  • Advice on identifying sleep associations and creating a support system
  • Checklists and strategies to implement the three-part plan

With respect for many styles of parenting, this step-by-step program includes methods for helping baby get a good night's sleep.

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Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything into Artby Phil Hansen

Commercial artist and YouTube sensation Phil Hansen creates art out of everyday objects. Now he shares his wildly creative approach by asking, “Who needs paint when you have a banana—or some paper clips, a cup of coffee, blades of grass, or toothpicks?” With illustrations and instructions throughout, this engaging, inspiring, and entertaining handbook/manifesto takes readers inside the mind of a groundbreaking artist—and encourages us all to create, reimagine, and rediscover the joy of making something out of (almost) anything.

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by Lior Suchard

Do you believe someone can read your mind? Lior Suchard can. He can delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before you do. His outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainer and mentalist. Suchard was born in Tel Aviv, the youngest of three sons. At seven years old, he first realized he had an extraordinary mental power. His two older brothers served as guinea pigs as he explored his abilities, and he'd ask them to think of numbers or have hide small objects in their hands and have him guess in which hand. In high school, a math teacher, aware of what Suchard could do, made a deal with him, giving him five minutes at the end of every class to demonstrate what he could do. Lior would ask him to think of a formula, which he would write down in his notebook. Then the teacher would write it on the board and it would be the same. Suchard graduated from high school and completed the mandatory three years in the Israeli army, where they made good use of his skills. Suchard gained worldwide recognition after winning the international competition show "The Successor" to officially take over for celebrated mystifier Uri Geller. Now 27, Suchard is a world renowned supernatural entertainer and mentalist with an extraordinary talent for mind reading, thought influencing and telekinesis. He takes you on an incredible journey through the wonders of the human brain.

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by Carmen Electra

Everyone has what it takes to be sexy. Let go of those inhibitions and insecurities and allow Carmen Electra take you from ho-hum to hot.

Millions have experienced Carmen Electra’s vivacious charm and drop-dead sex appeal from afar--from her roles on Baywatch and MTV’s Singled Out, to her dozens of movie and television appearances, to her wildly popular Aerobic Striptease videos. Now, in How to Be Sexy, she shows you that even if you weren’t born with an alluring aura (or killer curves), you can learn how to be super sexy.

Carmen explains that sexiness starts with confidence, personality, and a willingness to laugh at yourself, so your inner glow will radiate outward and make the world sit up and take notice. Then she reveals the tricks of the trade for upgrading your appearance, with step-by-step instructions for hair styling and makeup application, and choosing fashion that flatters – including tips and techniques from some of the most talented stylists, makeup artists, and coaches in Hollywood. Finally, she shows you how to strut your stuff with chapters on body language and the lost art of seduction.


By Dr. J. Richard Gentry:


We all know the importance of reading aloud to our children, but beyond that, how do kids really learn to read? Why should you jump-start the process before formal instruction in school begins? And how do you know if your child’s literacy skills are developing normally?


In this empowering guide, Dr. J. Richard Gentry describes how to teach reading before your child enters kindergarten and how to make progress once your child is in school. He offers parents an easy-to-understand program outlining the five phases of kids’ literacy development, with age- and stage-appropriate activities that make reading and writing fun. Raising Confident Readers is essential for every parent who wants their child to be a lifelong learner.

by Warren Brown

Warren Brown wants you to bake your cake and eat it too. And he wants you to conquer your fear of flour and learn to love every step of cake baking - including, of course, the step in which you present your made-from-scratch masterpiece to bedazzled, hungry-eyed family and friends. (Not to mention the moment when you yourself get to sample a slice of that lovingly crafted creation.)

For Brown, love and baking are inseparable. After all, he abandoned an unrewarding career in law to do the work - baking cakes! - that he finds truly emotionally satisfying. Every page of CakeLove communicates that satisfaction, as well as Brown’s can-do approach to the art of baking. As he asserts, baking cakes isn’t a cakewalk, but it’s not rocket science, either - and getting it right isn’t nearly as hard as you think.

Pound cakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes, cupcakes. Glazes, frostings, fillings, meringues. Brown provides all the basics on ingredients, equipment, and techniques, as well as recipes for more than 50 cakes that range from the classic (Chocolate Butter Cake) to the adventurous (“Sassy,” a pound cake made with mango puree and cayenne pepper). The informative step-by-step shots make you want to run to the kitchen and start baking, and the scrumptious color photos of completed cakes look good enough to sink your teeth into.

by Philip Orbanes

A fun-packed guide to the history, rules and winning strategies behind the world's most popular board game!

* What's the world record for the longest Monopoly game played upside down?
* Who really invented the game?
* How did a 10-year-old from Staten Island hold his own against players three times his age in the 1980 United States Monopoly championship?
* Why do the best Monopoly players avoid buying hotels for their properties?
* Which property name on your Monopoly board is misspelled?

There's only one man in the world who could answer questions like these - and hundreds more that are just as fascinating. It's Mr. Monopoly™.

by Jessica Simpson with Katina Z. Jones

On a rainy Texas day, Jessica Simpson married her longtime love, singer Nick Lachey, in a wedding that was in every way a dream brought to life. With exquisite photography and Jessica's own personal stories and insight, I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding invites you to share in the incredible experience.

Make your own dream come true…

For the bride-to-be who is planning her own wedding, I Do is filled with expert advice from the same professionals who helped Jessica prepare for her lavish nuptials every step of the way. No matter your budget, you can learn the tips and tricks that make any wedding an unforgettable event from such experts as wedding photographer Joe Buissink and fashion designer Vera Wang.

How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide
by Joshua P. Warren

In How to Hunt Ghosts, paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren teaches the novice ghost hunter the basics, which above all include treating the paranormal as any other scientific field: one requiring well-documented research and hard evidence. This unique guide breaks down the theories, explains the tools of the trade, and even offers forms to facilitate your investigation. If you suspect you live in a haunted house and want to exorcise a ghost or attempt spectral communication, or if you are interested in pursuing a career as a ghost hunter or are simply curious about the paranormal, this intriguing and informative guide is for you.

by June Ambrose

June Ambrose, celebrity fashion stylist and designer, has written a fresh and innovative book that illustrates the ways in which men and women alike can resemble a member of Ambrose's distinguished clientele.

Despite her young age, Ambrose is no novice in her field. In fact, in her 14-year career, Ambrose has catered to a host of superstar clients, including Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Kelly Ripa, Kim Catrall and many others.

In Effortless Style, Ambrose shares her valuable expertise. Her goal, she explains, is "to show everyone - whether the girls next door or the boardroom executive - how everything from their moods to their ambitions can be improved by their clothes, accessories and attitudes."

Ambrose's "miracle worker" insight is clearly shown in this essential book as she demonstrates how anyone can look and feel like a superstar, regardless of body type or budget.