Cry Me a River

by Ernest Hill

Tyrone Stokes had been an absentee father from a "no good family." Sent to prison, he left his wife, Pauline, to raise their son, Marcus, alone. But now Marcus needs his father. The young man is on Louisiana's death row for the murder of a young white girl, and Tyrone is determined not to let his seventeen-year-old son suffer as he had in jail. Convinced of Marcus's innocence, and grasping at the slim chance that he can put his family back together, Tyrone will sacrifice all that he holds dear to make up for his absence and keep Marcus alive - despite the overwhelming evidence against his son and Pauline's insistence that he stay away.

In Cry Me a River, Ernest Hill offers the same distinctive blend of intense emotional power, vivid imagery, and rich characters as in his highly acclaimed novels A Life for a Life and Satisfied With Nothing.