The Ambassador's Son

by Homer Hickam

Captain Josh Thurlow teams up with PT Boat commander Jack Kennedy on a devil-may-care mission in the South Pacific.

They had two weeks to accomplish a mission no soldier should ever have to do. They were going after one of their own – David Roosevelt Armistead, a hero up for the Medal of Honor and an ambassador’s son, who was now missing in the thick, jungled climes of the Solomons.

So while American forces blast away at one god-forsaken Pacific atoll after another, Coast Guard captain Josh Thurlow must make a desperate venture north into Japanese-held islands.

With echoes of James Michener, The Ambassador’s Son is the much-anticipated sequel to the bestselling The Keeper’s Son and adventure fiction at its finest.

"The Ambassador's Son is the reason I love to read. It takes you to a place where propellers and tides and bullets decide men's fates, and you feel like you're sweating along with the heroes and villains. Homer Hickam is a good writer that I'd probably read anything that he put out, but this adventure made me feel like a kid again." --Rick Bragg, bestselling author of All Over But the Shoutin'